Almanac of Precious Ones


From the Almanac of Precious Ones
I choose recollections of my mother
sweetly scented with lilac powders
cultivating the roses in her garden.

I also choose my dear grandmother
who taught me to roll out Slovenian potica
and to make delicious soups on the fly.
She was the one who mothered me.

Then I would choose Carlie, my first love:
the girl who listened to my mind and heart
with a grace and intensity that melted my soul.
She was the one who loved my curiosity.

I must also choose the swift-moving river bass
that follow me under the keel of my canoe
through the crystal clear waters of Wolf Creek.
These are my joyful water companions.

Not to be forgotten are the chanting cicadas,
my short-lived Brothers singing out their life
along with honking Canadian geese flying south.
These will accompany me on my dying day.

I remember endlessly the hundred million stars
that spiral in our lofty Milky Way Galaxy
and send down flashes of meteor showers.
They clothe me in the vastness of our universe.

But, above all, I remember the One Who Made Me
and set me free from the fears that shackle others
in order to hold on to those dreams that chose me
and enable my soul wondrously to take flight.

For all these, I mightily give thanks, both today
and on all my tomorrows; I hold them as my
Almanac of Precious Ones who bless me
and who offer me bliss within the eternal quiet.


With love,




Last night I wrote out a sort of life-long reassessment.  I went into my Almanac of Precious Ones and selected the top nine that shape my life as I immerse myself deeper within the eternal quiet.  As it happens, there are three beloved women, three natural creatures, and three cosmic forces. If you want to know the real me (the stripped down to the bones me), then you’ll have to explore with me these Precious Ones.


What might be your choices from your own personal Almanac of Precious Ones?  I could make some guesses, but I’d rather give you the complete freedom to identify them for yourself and then to tell me about them with unvarnished honesty. This would open up an entirely different way of getting to know each other deeply as unique individuals, as writers, as friends, as life companions, and, who knows, maybe even much more.


In anticipation of your arrival,
I remain your devoted servant,


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