Ask a theologian

I have observed the misery of my people . . . ;
I have heard their cry. . . .
Indeed, I know their sufferings,
and I have come down to deliver them (Exod 3:7f).


Ask a theologian

Dr. Aaron Milavec

I have been wrestling with questions for 32 years.  So, when you entrust me with your question by posting it in the “comment” box below, I will endeavor to answer directly, honestly, and faithfully.   If I cannot answer, I will try to find someone who can do so.
At the end of your question, decide what sort of answer you prefer by ending your question with ?Head, ?Heart, or ?Hist.  This is a shorthand for the following:
?Head=Appeal to my mind.  I want to know the truth.
?Heart=Appeal to my heart.
?Hist=Give me a brief history of the theological and pastoral issues.

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