Case Histories of Abusive Dishonesty Corrupting Official Catholic Teaching

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Preface — Why I created this website

1. Jesus on Sex and Marriage and Finding the Heart of God

2. How Paul VI Subverted Vatican II on Indulgences, Priestly Celibacy, and Contraceptives

3. The Absurd Invention of Abortion as Murder “from the First Moment of Conception”

4. A Catholic Father Advises his Daughters Against the Debilitating Feminism of John Paul II Eve as Pioneer of Adam’s Salvation What Peter Might Say to John Paul II Regarding his Abuse of Papal Power Relative to Women’s Ordination

6. What Jesus Might Say to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith When He Was Blamed for Permanently Excluding Women from Ordination

7. What We Now Know About Jesus and Priesthood–A Fresh Starting Point Emerging out of Biblical Scholarship and Vatican II

8. Cardinal Ratzinger’s Intrinsically Disordered Thoughts on Homosexuality–What Jesus Would Say to a Homosexual Couple

9. Safeguarding Yourself, your Family, and your Parish in harmony with Pope Francis

10. Pope Francis’ Prospects and the two Synods on the Family

11. The Struggle for and against Papal Infallibility at Vatican I

12.  Broken Image of the Cross at Auschwitz

13.   Bishops Limp into Global Warming

Seven Destructive Errors

The forward progress of preaching the gospel of truth and justice and of promoting Church reform is impeded by a series of seven bad decisions inside the Church that have turned the sheep into wolves and turned love into hate (Did 16:4).  These decisions were arrived at without adequate consultation and without the collegial process that was the hallmark of discovering the truth at Vatican II.  These decisions were based upon defective biblical studies, faulty historical studies, and the near absence of pastoral and psychological consultation.   When free and informed consent was not forthcoming, the Vatican abandoned the route of persuasion and resorted to the use of raw power to impose their views on dissenting bishops, priests, and theologians.  This mounting use of coercion runs against the way of Jesus and further discredits those using authoritarian measures to prop up positions inherently flawed.  Fear and distrust have replaced the faith-filled discussions and mutual love that are necessary for a Church community to survive and to thrive.  Pope Francis is keenly aware of this problem and he invites you to work in harmony with him to bring the Good News into your heart, into your family, and into your parish church.

Error #1 Contraceptives are intrinsically evil and sometimes cause abortions
Error #2 Clerical celibacy originates in the life and teachings of Jesus  +++
Error #3 Indulgences are rooted in the apostolic teaching
Error #4 Human life begins from the first moment of conception
Error #5 According to God’s plan, women are called either to motherhood or to virginity
Error #6 Women cannot be Catholic priests because Jesus deliberately chose only men
Error #7 Homosexual sexuality is intrinsically disordered and contrary to natural law


Resources for the experience of Catholic laity within their Church:

“Voice of the People”
by Univision 2014

“Joy and Grievances in an American Diocese [Central Illinois]”
by three psychology/political science professors at Benedictine University 2014

“Soundings of the Faithful”
by American Catholic Council  (June 2011)

U.S. Religious Landscape Survey
by Pew Research (June 2008)

Changing Portrait of US Catholics
by NCR and (October 2011)

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