Pups ready for adoption

Pups ready for adoption

Elena heard dogs in distress for two days. Their cries for help came over the wall that separates our home from the police compound here in Shanghai, China. We investigated. And we found two puppies stuffed into a small wire cage. No food. No water. So we “liberated” them and brought them to our home on 22 Jan 2019.

Here in China there are no official dog catchers or adoption centers for lost pets. Dogs running loose are captured by police, put into cages, and euthanized after two days if no one comes to claim them. Meanwhile, all too often, pets purchased by adults for their children are abandoned once they become a burden on the family.

Elena and I have five rescued dogs now who are living healthy, pleasant lives in our home and compound. They have official papers, identification collars, and microchips. Now we have two puppies ready for adoption.

Meet Skippy

Skippy is a 5-month-old male with a playful and exploratory disposition.  He is a mixed breed who weighs 7.2 kg [16#].  He is house trained and mixes well with other dogs.   His temperament is “let’s play.”  He enjoys long walks with our other dogs.

Skippy had his first shots at the vets.  He did not cry out or bark.

If you don’t see a pic, go here=http://www.churchonfire.net/2019/01/26/

Meet Red Fox

Red is a 5-month-old female with a quiet and gentle disposition. She is a mixed breed who weighs 5.8 kg [13#]. She is house trained and takes the submissive role with other dogs.  Her temperament is “hold me and stroke me.”  She is very playful with Skippy and follows him everywhere.

Red had her first shots at the vets. She did not cry out or bark.



Would you be interested in adopting one or both of these puppies?  If so, please communicate with me at maringelli.elena@gmail.com