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06 Oct 2020


Dear Directors of,

I came to on 27 March 2020 with the expectation of having a pleasant experience in meeting, in understanding, and in dating Chinese women.  I was living in Shanghai at the time, and I thought that would provide me with the opportunity to come to understand Chinese dating practices.

Six months later, I have spent $152.89 buying tokens and I have wasted over 200 hours chatting with a dozen attractive and talented Chinese women who were begging me to become the singular love of their lives.  But, in the end, I bitterly learned that is nothing but a slick money-making scam and that, from start to finish, there was no way that I was ever going to be able to meet any of these women face-to-face here in China.

Let me explain to you why I initially approached with complete confidence and how, over a period of six months, I came to realize that is nothing but a slick money-making scam.

My initial experiences: three attractive features promises to be an ideal platform enabling Western men to date Chinese women.  Here are the three attractive features that initially gained my confidence:

#1 profiles contain exceptionally high-quality portraits.  I later discovered that the Chinese women were required to visit an approved studio photographer skilled in creating a half-dozen “glamour shots” in a high definition PDF format.  Thus there are no family members, no girl friends, and no pets shown.  Moreover, there are no seductive poses or semi-nude shots permitted.  Anyone trying to display a nude photo is instantly blocked by the software itself—and this applies to both the women and the men.  [Later I discovered that when I asked for an action pic or for a family pic, I was turned down very politely—a clue to the scam that was being perpetrated.]

#2  Female members must get validation status which provides assurances to the men that the pics displayed and the profile data are scrupulously reliable.  Having been burnt by web sites that feature profiles of women who are inactive or even dead, it was a relief for me to know about this validation procedure.  This validation is optional for male members.  [Much later I came to discover that the validation status was absolutely useless because the avatars communicating with me were in fact women located in the USA and India.]

#3  After I set-up my profile, I received five invitations to chat and four emails within the next hour.  In the days that followed, I received, on the average, eight new invitations to chat and four new emails every day.  I quickly discovered that, on days when I did not login, I did not receive any further chat messages or emails.  This was a welcome feature because, in an earlier dating site, I had received well over one hundred messages within the first two days.  This kind of volume was overwhelming.

I later learned that my profile was visible to the female participants only during those times when I was logged in.  As a result, in 9 out of 10 cases, the woman writing a chat message [<300 characters] or an email [<3500 characters] never read even the smallest part of my profile.  They didn’t even know that I was no longer living in the USA and that I had settled into my life in Shanghai.  This was a frustration for me because I had taken the time to describe myself in vivid detail and had selected five pics showing me doing activities that I liked.  [Only much later did I discover that the women functioning as avatars only made money during those times when I was posting in their chat room (at the rate of $.40/minute) or when I sent them an email ($6).  Within this arrangement, there is no monetary incentive to read my profile.]

My initial experiences: three unattractive features

#1  Each woman had between five and twelve pics.  While the pics were very attractive “glamour shots”, the profiles were thin and centered on standard biographical details.  Room was given for a lengthy self-description, but almost all the women left this blank.  [The reason for this would soon become clear.  The successful avatars are the ones who can artfull change their identity in order to fit the particular requirements of every man they are courting.]

#2 requires that men purchase credits to participate: 10 credits for an initial email; 25 for subsequent emails.  Chatroom participation is computed at 2 credits per minute. Initially men receive 20 credits free.  From that point onward, one has to pay roughly $.20 for every credit.  Women, in contrast, have no fees.  Once I used the 20 free credits, I bought 750 credits for $125.  I did this because I believe that was an ideal site.  Overall, however, I would rate the endless nickel and dime fees as producing a pricy dating experience.  This will become apparent shortly.

#3  After one month, I had developed a strong attraction to one of the women.  We shared a lot of personal history and arrived at the point when we were ready to meet.  I commend the designers of this site for providing a safe mode whereby women have a safety net when it comes to dating.  I vigorously oppose, however, the requirement that a man must spend 3000 credits on a woman before he (with her permission) could discover her email address or phone number.

My Chinese girlfriend and I were ready to take this step after having spent only 525 credits.  At this point, we had nearly eight hours of sustained chatting, and I wanted to introduce my girlfriend to some of my short stories (since I am a writer and publisher).  This was impossible.   So I began to initiate strategies for giving my girlfriend my private email address.  The software successfully blocked all my attempts.  In effect, therefore, this dating site requires that I spend $428 on my girlfriend before I could give her my email address.  Gasp!  This can now be seen as a very pricy venture.

This was my first red flag.  Hence, I would require that you tell your male clients the following:

Be forewarned.  The managers of this site intend to pick your pocket.  They want you to pay out $428 just to give your girlfriend your email address.

I kick myself for not having read all the fine print in advance.  Strange that the reviews I had read mention nothing of this.  On the other hand, I charge the Directors of with deliberately setting up unusual rules that entrap your customers.

My second red flag: duplicate messages sent by the same avatar

At just this point, I received a racy email for two different ladies: Lishuang Wu, 33 [ #20780923 ] and Lu Lu, 39 [ #20038826 ].  Here was the content:

We can try all the possitions together, and we will cuuum so many times together, we will have so much pleasure together too. that would be a wonderful life, do you think so?

What caused me alarm is that both of the women used the exact same words within the exact same hour, including the same spelling and grammatical errors.  This requires some explanation, don’t you think?

So I sent a complaint to the Customer Service department.  They politely suggested that this sometimes happens because the female clients sometimes share “successful catch lines” with each other.

O.K. That might be the case.  On the other hand, it seems very unlikely as a valid explanation.  Why so?

  • For starters, I had read hundreds of lines and have never noticed identical “catch lines” being sent by two different women.
  • More importantly, if one looks at the words sent to me, it is clear that Lishuang Wu and LuLu were intent upon my “sexual arousal.”  If you read my own previous comments to both of these women, you will NOT find me so orientated.  Hence, this “catch line” is blatantly out of line with the puritanical safeguards maintained by the site and out of line with my own previous exchanges with these women.
  • Finally, it is very unlikely that a Chinese woman on this site would have understood “all the possitions” and “we will cuuum so many times together.” The deliberate misspellings of racy words was apparently calculated to avoid triggering “inappropriate speech” software.  In any case, the deliberate misspellings would have very little meaning for  Lishuang Wu and Lu Lu.  Would they then be inclined to use such an unintelligible “catch line”?  And, even if they did understand the hidden meaning, would they want to risk using such “offensive language” on this site?             

Explanation #2:  Does hire women or men as paid “avatars” who stimulate chat room exchanges by maintaining 3 to 8 female profiles at the same time?  Dating sites who engage in this practice must, by law, alert their clients that such “avatars” are in play.  I have not found any such admission on the part of  But let us allow, for the sake of argument, that was willing to work outside the law and that one such “avatar” hired by them was assigned both Lishuang Wu, 33 [ 20780923 ] and Lu Lu, 39 [ 20038826 ] as their “fake identities.”   The Directors of could claim that both of these women had “verified identities” at some point, but, for one reason or the other, they left  Rather than deleting their inactive identities, the Directors of might have decided that it would be in their interest to assign such inactive “identities” to a hired avatar who worked behind the scenes to maintain their pricy communications with “fake women hiding behind verified identities.”

Hence, since many dating sites do hire “avatars” to promote the sexual stimulation of their male clients, it is not unthinkable that might be tempted to do the same.  It is furthermore quite possible that a lazy avatar would write a stimulating text for one client and then turn around and use it for three or more other clients as well.  Since the men have no way of seeing texts written to persons other than themselves, this lazy “cut and paste” shortcut would seemingly never be noticed.  However, a lazy avatar who was assigned to both Lishuang Wu, 33 [ 20780923 ] and Lu Lu, 39 [ 20038826 ] as his/her “fake identities” might carelessly have sent the same identical words to multiple suitors and, in the process, they might have lost track of the fact that the same erotic words were being inadvertently sent to me [aLong] by two unrelated women:  Lishuang Wu and Lu Lu.

Hence, I say to you, the Directors of LovingFeel. com, “Naughty.  Naughty. I CAUGHT YOU CHEATING!”

Third red flag: Examining the Visitors by Country using

Using, one can discover the percent of visitors according to the country of origin.  The results are shown here:

Argumentation:  96% of my emails and chartroom conversations were with women that identified themselves as currently living in China.   Yet, in the “Visitors by Country” table above, no visitors from China are listed (meaning it is less than a fraction of 1%).

Something is wrong here.  At least 40% of the visitors to your site should be located in China.  But clearly they are not.  The only way to explain this is to conclude that the vast majority of the “certified Chinese women” shown on your site are falsely listed as being located in China.

For three years now I have been living in China.  During this time I have become aware of the routine limitations that Chinese have whenever I use American slang.  This helps me understand why my two favorite Chinese women that I met on were able to communicate so well using American slang.  They used this slang not because they had American teaches, but because they were, in fact, Americans disguising themselves as “Chinese women.”  The slick pics made them look Chinese; their slick words made them sound like Americans (in disguise).

The Use and Abuse of Identity Verification

Your website tricks it users.  You make a point of insuring that all the women shown on the site have submitted their photos and documents so as to earn a “Validate Member” certificate that is proudly displayed above their name, location, and high-quality pics.  Here is the guarantee in your own words:

We carefully approve all the ladies to be registered on our website. Our lady members’ profiles are not confirmed unless we verify her ID and background. Our regional partners make sure that there are no bogus profiles, that the lady you look at in the profile pictures is the lady you are corresponding with (such profiles have a label “Validated member”).  Also, we make sure as much as we are able to that she is single and interested in communication with other members of the platform.

At no point, however, does the dating site actually guarantee that the woman named and shown in the pics is the same woman who is actually interacting with the men on the dating site.  This is the meaning of an “avatar”– the women shown and identified are merely “lifeless puppets” that are animated by a living person who has been hired to produce lively chat room discussions “on their behalf.”  Needless to say, this arrangement makes it appear as though these beautiful and animated women are choosing me for their playmates and future spouses.  In reality, however, it is all a staged fraud.  The avatars profess their love (as illustrated below); but, at every turn, either excuses are given why it is impossible to meet or my requests for a meeting are just ignored.

Lest anyone think that “Identity Verification” is a guarantee to the men that they are selecting and interacting with the women so glamorously displayed on this site, here are the clauses to read and reread among the “Disclosures and Disclaimers”:

No representations or warranties (whether express[ed] or implied) are made regarding the accuracy and correctness of the information on the platform (including, but not limited to the statistical numbers or online status of certain members etc.).

Validated Members [i.e. all the women you meet here] may use the platform for free. At the same time, Suppliers are prohibited from paying Validated Members for the use of the platform.  [Nothing is said about payment to avatars.]

LovingFeel does not guarantee the accuracy of the identification verification conducted by Suppliers.   [source]

In brief, the “Suppliers” provide the identities of the women shown on the site.  How the Suppliers gain these identities, however, is not disclosed.  I can imagine that photographic studios might offer a 50% discount to women when they allow their vanity picture set to be used by the dating site.  The identity of the women and their profiles might be partially accurate but nothing prevents the Suppliers from inventing profiles so as to protect the identity of the women.

Furthermore, it is altogether suspicious that so many [nearly 8%] of the women describe themselves as “doctors.”  I have yet to find any profile where a woman identifies herself as a “nurse.”  But such obvious errors are to  be expected as you say, “LovingFeel does not guarantee the accuracy of the identification verification conducted by [the] Suppliers.

Testing the validity of

Before coming to a rash conclusion, however, I want to test the validity of   Accordingly, I used with and discovered that 29.7% of the users were located in China and 23.5% were located in Japan. thus clearly demonstrates the fact that 50% of its users are from China or Japan—as would be expected.

At the same time, I am absolutely certain that correctly demonstrates that next to NONE of the women I communicated with on were located in China.  Their profiles may have come from China, but the avatars hiding behind the profiles have no connection with China and, under no circumstances, did I have a chance to ever meet any of them face-to-face (even though I actually live in China).

Overview of my findings

I came to with the hope of having a pleasant experience in meeting, in understanding, and in dating Chinese women.  I am bitterly disappointed in finding that your fraudulent practices have severely betrayed my trust.

I just now did a search and found a site that provides a balanced and trustworthy investigation of the scam being perpetrated by you and your directors:  “ Admits To Creating Fake Profiles & Deceptions Exposed In This Review.”

I’m sure you are aware that along with all your spinoff sites are “at risk” due to my research and findings.  I have already copied large segments of your website and have a bullet-proof demonstration of the depth of fraud operating on your dating site.  This I feel obliged to share with the public and with the officers of the law, both local and national.

All in all, needs to be investigated by authorities of the law and shut down.  A class action suit needs to be initiated that will reimburse those who have lost their money and lost their valuable time and lost their trust in the Directors of


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