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Biography: Aaron Milavec began his career as an innovative teacher and oral story teller.  After devoting twenty-five years to the training of future priests and lay ministers, Milavec turned his attention to creating online courses in gender studies and the empowerment of women.  Milavec has gained an international reputation as a scholar.  He has published eighteen books, eight chapters in collected works, and seventy journal articles.  His two most recent books are occupied with the graced power of love: The Red String Chronicles (2017) and What Jesus Would Say to Same-Sex Couples (2019).

Prof. Aaron Milavec, theologian, author, public speaker, advocate, Polanyi interpreter
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PETITION #1 = Justice for Catholic high school teacher

Affiliations: author and reviewer
Shanghai Literary Review Book Club
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Professor Emeritus, Catherine of Siena Virtual College  [Now at Roehampton University]
Current research fellow with the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research

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