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Forum Community Guidelines

For your protection please refrain from posting personal information such as email address, phone number, website URLs, IP/MAC address, service request numbers, etc. in community threads.  This information may be included in your profile details at your own risk.
Our #1 guideline is simple: Speak from your heart about things that are important to you.  Weigh in with smart, informed ideas that contribute further to exploring the issues being discussed.
Our #2 guideline follows upon this: If you feel the need to help others find the flaws in their thinking/acting, do so in such a way that you don’t silence their voices or create fear in those who might want to support them.  
Our #3: Please keep your posts reasonably brief, and please don’t get into off-topic side conversations. Don’t feed the trolls and the spammers. Ignore those who are dogmatic and abusive.  A simple thumbs-down suffices.
Our #4: Cherish the safety of all concerned.  In some ways, safety is more important than truth-finding. Without safety, there can be no deep listening and no collaborative searching. And, without these qualities, no truth can be discovered, shared, and celebrated.
Our #5: In order to safeguard the right to privacy, I, Aaron Milavec, have taken the liberty to alter the story and to use fictitious names in MY ANGEL OF GOD.  I ask my readers never to disclose the identity of any persons that they may recognize and never to contact them for the purpose of discussing the posts in this forum. Worse yet, it is a grave injustice to make idle speculations regarding the true identity of persons whose names have been changed.  Should this happen, such persons would be immediately banned from this forum.

If you feel threatened by someone or you suspect that someone is bent upon tearing down rather than building up, please alert the forum administrators at [typing "alert" in the subject line].

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